The Ladies Auxiliary of the Military Order of the Purple Heart consists of Mothers, Wives, Sisters, Widows, Daughters, Stepdaughters, Granddaughters and legally adopted female lineal descendants of the Purple Heart recipient, even if the Purple Heart recipient is not a member of the MOPH. Our Ladies are proud to be members of this organization chartered by Congress. We share our support, compassion, and care with our brave military, all veterans, and their families.

Chapter Officers



If you are interested and eligible, we invite you to become a member of the LAMOPH. For your convenience, application and transfer forms are available for download on the National website. The link below will take you to the required forms. Membership must be verified through certified evidence of the Purple Heart Award of the related Patriot. Female Purple Heart recipients are welcome to join the Ladies Auxiliary in addition to the MOPH. The LAMOPH has two levels of membership: Regular (Life) and Associate(Life). In comparison with Ladies Auxiliaries of many other veterans organizations, you are not required to be a U.S. citizen. As stated earlier, you are welcome to join the Purple Heart Ladies’ Auxiliary even if your Purple Hearter is not a member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. You do not need to share a lot of your time, and your smallest effort can make a big difference for our military, veterans, and their loved ones.

Ladies Auxiliary Membership Application